MWEG Active at NIH Paylines & Resources (& update to How the NIH Can Help You Get Funded)

While I have not added new full-length posts to the main blog in years, I continue to actively answer questions and encourage discussion at NIH Paylines & Resources (where I also update NIH paylines as they are posted), Discussion: NIH Scores-Paylines-Policy-Peer Review,  and Discussion: All Things NSF. I encourage everyone to monitor posts here and chime in with intel, tips, and personal experience as you are able. Everyone’s participation is what makes the site valuable (even those who ask questions – probably lots of lurkers eagerly waiting for an answer to the same query), which I greatly appreciate!

Also … I am supposed to be updating How the NIH Can Help You Get Funded, so please post as comments here what you found most helpful and/or what you would like to see in a book that serves as a reference guide to the NIH funding process. Thanks!


  1. newinvestigator said

    Hi Writedit, Thank you so much for this blog! Gives me a lot of information. I have a question on buying equipment with NIH R01 grant. NIH guidelines say that permission is required by NIH only if you purchase equipment over $25K. I need a piece of equipment in around $20K. Can I go ahead and buy it or inform NIH and get permission? My budget is modular. Thank you!

    • writedit said

      You should be okay – you institution grant administrators can comment better on your specific situation (& you can confirm with your GMS). The cap is a recognition of the cost of routine lab purchases.


  2. Karl said

    Hi Writedit, Great blog! I imagine that there is no great answer and that I have to simply wait; however, any thoughts on a impact score of 28 for a NIH brain initiative R01?

    • writedit said

      Please note that the discussion of individual queries takes place on the NIH Paylines & Resources or Discussion: NIH Scores … page. Brain Initiative awards are based on both score and programmatic interests, but your score should get their attention for consideration. Funding will depend on whether they already have similar projects in their portfolio and if you are filling a gap needed to tackle one of their priority areas. When you have your summary statement, you can check in with your PO for next steps (rebuttal, resubmission, sit tight).

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