Grantsmanship Downloads

Writedit Originals

New NIH Application-Review Processes – PDF of Powerpoint slides and corresponding notes reviewing shorter application format and enhanced peer review and scoring processes (2010)

Early Career Grantsmanship – PDF of Powerpoint slides and corresponding notes providing a broad introduction to all things NIH and reviewing early career funding mechanisms (2010)

BICO Resource Sharing Boilerplate – PDF of generic text for use in the Resource Sharing upload of NIH grant applications … please customize to your institution and proposed research

Other Downloadable Materials

NIH Data Book – Funding trends and research workforce

NIH Regional Grants Seminar Presentations (click on the registration link for the most recently completed seminar and go to the presentation materials for downloadable PDF and PPT files)

NSF Regional Grants Seminar Presentations

NSF Statistics on all aspects of science and engineering trends, resources, etc.

Understanding and Dealing With Grant Review Panel Comments (Randy Brutkiewicz, PhD, Indiana University)

Keys to Publishing in Peer-Review Journals (Ronald Brown, Brian Goldstein – included here as publication is critical for securing grant funding)



  1. BB said

    One of the best grant webpages ever, even for mid-career folk.

  2. Fizz said

    Niiiiiiiiiice work !!!

    Oh yeah. A happy and productive 2010 to all !!!

  3. Once again, a great service to scientists and all who work with them. Many thanks, and best wishes for the New Year.

  4. Amanda Horton said

    Thanks for these excellent resources! I viewed the New NIH Application- Review Processes PDF the other day and it was so helpful, but now the link is dead. Anyway to revive it?

    Thanks again!

    • writedit said

      Hmm. Not sure what happened, but I re-uploaded the file & restored the link. Hope this helps with your application planning & writing!

    • writedit said

      Thanks much for the heads-up on this. I’m not sure what happened, but I re-uploaded the file & re-linked, and it seems to be working fine now.

      Good luck with your application and research program!

      best- Michelle

  5. Ted Zheng said

    Thank you for the nice work. This is my best resource to find the payline of different institutes (but hope this can be updated faster). Thanks!

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