Archived Comments: NIH Paylines & Resources (2008)

Here are comments originally left at NIH Paylines & Resources in calendar year 2008.

Jatinder Lamba said
January 29, 2008 @ 5:45 pm
when will NCI annouce their FY08 paylines for regular and star R01s

See update above … 14th/19th percentiles for established/new PI R01s (type 1 & type 2). – writedit

RGP said
February 4, 2008 @ 5:01 pm
NIA has posted their payline — 18th percentile for New Investigators and 13th percentile for seasoned brave souls:

Years won’t be cut but app. 18% will be lopped off the top. I’m ok with that — I think I’d rather have the full five years.

Payline is established but I wonder how long my grant will sit in the ERA Commons with the note: “To Be Paid”. I am so happy about the “To Be Paid” rather than “Pending” but it would be nice to for the NOA to come though….*sigh*

Vassiliki Karantza-Wadsworth said
February 14, 2008 @ 6:06 pm
Your site is very informative!

Could you please let me know as soon as you have the information what the funding cut-off will be for NCI’s Howard Temin Pathway to Independence Award for the applications that were submitted last June?

Thank you,

A random scientist said
June 10, 2008 @ 11:40 pm
Is there a discrepancy in the NCI paylines for 2008? the website you mention here says 14/19 and then there is a news circulating at :

Any thoughts on this? I am assuming that what is on NCI website is more accurate, but just wanted to see whats happening.


Hmmm. I’m loathe to change my figure above, which is based on the publicly available information at NCI. I even more loathe to pay $75 for a one-day pass to read the rest of that article. Looking at the NCI Director’s Report from the Feb 5 Council meeting, however, it seems that the standard R01 percentile is at 12.0, with the large award R01s (>$700K) at 14.0. Or at least they were for the first 2 cycles. Now, looking at Dr. Neiderhuber’s slide notes, I can see the percentile for R21s is 14.0 and the priority scores are set at 210 (?!!?) for R03s and 155 for R33s. Who knew R03s were so easy here? There is also an asterisked “R01s: 19th percentile (will hit NIH target)”, which could be intended for new investigators, but I don’t want to call it that without clarification. Thanks for the heads-up, Random Scientist! I’ve corrected the figures above. – writedit

A random scientist said
June 11, 2008 @ 12:13 am
See I am not sure either — the council says one thing but the publicly available website says another — plus what does large grants mean? 700K per year?

These would essentially be clinical studies (not necessarily clinical trials, but any research involving human subjects involves a lot more personnel and expense). – writedit

A random scientist said
June 11, 2008 @ 12:21 am
Just to add to the confusion I have already created, the following website is apparently for spring 2008 – from NCI — and I feel was updated sometime this spring (maybe after the NCI director’s comments) — it says 14 percent as well?!?!?

Well, this looks to be a generic comment (& yes, paylines are moving targets, especially with all the program latitude) and clearly harkens back to what is on the main NCI funding strategy Website. Of course, grants submitted in Feb/March and being reviewed now will be funded according to the FY09 paylines, which won’t be decided until next March at least … maybe not until next summer (elections, inauguration, etc. = lots of continuing resolutions). I’d say anything in the 12-14th percentile is in the gray zone at best. Funding at the 12th percentile is actually not that bad compared with other ICs. – writedit

A random scientist said
June 11, 2008 @ 1:22 pm
So I called up NCI today — and they said that it is 14.0 percent and the director made an error in stating its 12%.

As you may have guessed, the reason I am really interested in this is because my score falls between 12-14% with the budget council meeting next week deciding on the fate of the grant — but while yesterday was a tough day, I was reassured by NCI today that it is indeed 14%, so I should be fine.

Okee-dokee … correction noted above. See what a motivated PI can learn, folks? Thanks & congratulations, random scientist. – writedit

KL said
August 1, 2008 @ 6:18 pm
Hi there,

Does anyone know what the most current payline for an R03 grant is for NIMH? Are all R03′s decided according to their scores rather than percentiles?

I have a score of 149 for an R03 assigned to NIMH and Roadmap. What do you think about my chance?

KL (Aug 1st, 2008 )

As I explained to KL, the current paylines are for FY08, whereas applications being scored now will be assessed according to FY09 paylines … but these won’t be in place until a budget is in place, which won’t happen until after Jan 20, 2009. Since budget levels will be frozen at FY08 levels, the current paylines can still provide a benchmark, but initial funding decisions will be tighter. In KL’s case, a 149 should be hopeful (especially at NIMH, which gives its POs a fair bit of leeway in picking applications), though if this is a Roadmap RFA, KL could face fierce competition for just a few awards spread across several ICs. Depends on the logistics of the FOA involved and what not.

Jerry Zhao said
August 12, 2008 @ 3:09 pm
Hi, there,

I have a priority score of 132 for my K01 resubmission to NIA. I contacted with the programm director, and was asked to wait till late September. Why there is no payline available for NIA? What do you think about my chance?

Thanks very much.


With only a billion to spend and a lot of ground to cover, I’m not suprised that NIA does not publish a comprehensive schedule of percentile/priority score paylines so as to remain flexible to fund Institute priorities. The FY09 paylines won’t be set by any ICs for some time, probably not until next spring (though NIAID will no doubt post interim paylines). In the meantime, a slightly more conservative use of FY08 paylines will likely be in place during the continuing resolutions. In this particular case, a 132 should be quite fundable, but until some guidance is available on how Congress will handle the budget from Oct 1 until (I assume) sometime post-inauguration, no one will be able to give any firm advice on what will and won’t be funded from the Feb-March 2008 cycle submissions.

Ting Zhao said
September 30, 2008 @ 10:16 am
Last updated: 25 Sept 2008 (note that NIAID has tentative, preliminary FY09 payline info for standard R01s only – ALL other data on this page refer to FY08, which will at best be continued through the anticipated continuing resolutions for the foreseeable future).

As described above, I wonder if payline will be continued during Continued Resolution from now to next March unless they claim their new payline. Based on your experience, you can send me an e-mail for this. I will appreciate you.
Ting C Zhao, MD

Anita said
December 9, 2008 @ 6:35 pm
I recieved a 133 for K01 applicaton to the social and behavioural sciences program in NIA, submited in July08. I have not yet recieved a request for JIT. Is this normal?

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