Oh Council! My Council! … and RCDC

I see the Council of Councils Nov 8 meeting presentations are now online. The second slide of Next Steps shows just how easy it will be to propose new initiatives! And actually, the History of the NIH Reform Act is interesting, as is the look into the next Roadmap initiative on phenotyping. Norka Bravo’s Scientists in the Pipeline talk includes the previously posted graying of NIH PIs PPT plus some new charts & data points. And as DM discusses separately, the PRAC (peer review advisory committee) Dec 3 presentations are now online.

However, something worth special mention is the new Research, Condition, and Disease Categorization (RCDC), created to standardize budget reporting by research topic as conveniently summarized by (of course) NIAID. Although – oy! – I would hope the tips presented at the bottom have been regularly followed by PIs before the advent of RCDC. Thankfully, I have not come across a sentence like “This project will not study lung cancer” in any specific aims I’ve reviewed. Yet.


  1. drugmonkey said

    ok, credit where due. ruiz-bravo’s slides 39 and 40 show a 9 yr low water for total New Investigator R01-equivalents in 06 and claim, due to “intervention” (read, pickups) 1,602, putting it above the ~1,500 in each of the 7 years ending in 2004.

    naturally we’ll have to see if they sustain this into the next several years.

  2. drugmonkey said

    From the Reform Act presentation
    Extramural institutions must report to applicants to their doctoral programs:
    -Length of time to degree completion
    -Percentage of students that successfully attain doctoral degree

    nice to know but huh? given the scope of the changes talked about in the rest of the presentation and the Act, does this really rate special mention? is this a huge problem?

    or is this not merely an issue of grad students being “surprised” to find that grad school is not a 4-yr proposition? Is this another way NIH plans to attack the total timeline to independence? a monkey can wish…

  3. […] 9, 2008 at 12:35 am · Filed under NIH Advice As noted here previously, the NIH is developing a new electronic reporting tool called Research, Condition, and Disease […]

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