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Greetings – for those of you arriving at the blog via the main writedit link, please refer to the NIH Paylines & Resources and Discussion: NIH Scores-Paylines-Policy-Peer Review pages (at the top of the right column of this blog) to ask questions (and have them answered relatively quickly, if not same day), learn from the experiences of fellow researchers (especially timelines of grant application submission, review, and award), and discuss issues related to the NIH and NIH funding.

Although I am much less engaged with the NSF now than in the past, I am happy to consider queries about their grant process at the Discussion: All Things NSF page as well.

Also, I will be overhauling How the NIH Can Help You Get Funded, so if you have suggestions for what would be useful to cover, please feel free to comment here or contact me me directly.

Thanks for all your support and contributions, and best wishes for success with your research and your grant applications!


  1. R21_Hopeful said

    Hi – I am an established investigator. Our NCI A0 R21 application scored at 28th percentile, and subsequently the A1 application scored at 11th percentile. Per NCI’s website, the payline seems to be 7th percentile for R21s. We are still waiting for the Summary Statement, but was curious to see if anyone can share insights on NCI’s R21 funding history. Thank you!

  2. Tom Therramus said

    I have an established investigator NHLBI RO1 application that scored at the 18th percentile last December and its status just moved to pending in COMMONS in the last few days. The present NHBLI RO1 payline in 15. I know this sounds like a not so bright question, but based on others experience is this cause for optimism ?

    • writedit said

      Perfectly valid question. Yes, if it changed from “Council review completed” to “Pending”, it means a human is working on your application, possibly getting it ready for award processing. NHLBI makes selective pay awards based on the scientific review and programmatic priorities, and as the end of the FY grows closer (Sept 30), ICs begin going back to see how many applications above the set paylines they can and might want to fund. Now, this does not mean you are getting an award, but you should certainly check with your PO (and/or GMS) to see if they need any information from you, such as an updated JIT. Now, sometimes the status changes when there is some administrative work related to an application but unrelated to award processing, so there is the chance it will just go back to “Council review completed”, but your PO’s response will clarify why the status changed and what to expect.

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