How the NIH Can Help You Get Funded

Although this cat is partly out of the bag thanks to DrugMonkey, I am pleased to announce that I finally committed to page some of what I have learned in working with academic researchers and the NIH for more than 28 years. First and foremost, I want to thank all of you supporting this blog over the past 7 years, because without you, the book never would have been written. Literally.

When Oxford University Press was looking for someone to author a book about NIH grantwriting, they went to the NIH, where a PO said if they could find whoever was responsible for this blog, they would find the right person. And so the editor sent an email to “writedit”, which I fortunately did not dismiss as spam but instead wrote back that what would be more useful than another book on how to “write a grant” would be one focused on how to understand and work with the NIH as part of an overall grant-seeking strategy. Fortunately, they liked my ideas, and a year or so later, and the addition of a killer co-author who I was thrilled to have move to BICO, Jeremy Berg, How the NIH Can Help You Get Funded made it to press.

My motivation for maintaining this blog comes from my genuine enjoyment of helping researchers succeed (and learning a lot of cool science along the way), and it was a no brainer to dedicate the book to you and the extramural staff at the NIH. I am happy to freely give any advice that I can here, but in case you want the fundamentals in one convenient volume, the book (paperback and Kindle) is available from OUP (20% discount code: 32398) as well as through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other booksellers. I kept the book small to keep the price down for students and postdocs, so there are topics I would have liked to have covered in more detail and will try to expand upon here in the blog, especially as folks continue to ask questions.

Currently, I am looking for a WordPress guru to help make the blog itself more user-friendly, so hopefully soon you will find this site easier to search and find shared intel in the comments on grant mechanisms, ICs, study sections, etc. of particular interest to you. And yes, I’ll finally change the color scheme to be more readable …

So, thank you all again for contributing to this collective effort and making MWEG a valuable resource – and thanks for all the memories.



  1. SaG said

    Congrats on the book! I like the color scheme and try not to get the site overly complicated. Clean text and google are a wonder.

  2. Jeremy Berg said

    The ASCB book event is actually at booth #210 (WH Freeeman, Published Row) from 9:30 to 10:30. There is an error in the program.

  3. drugmonkey said

    Thank YOU for all the great information and discussions over the years, writedit!

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