On Second Thought, Revised Revised Review Dates

In a month of unprecedence, the NIH today reversed its original decision to cancel most of the 200+ fall peer review meetings that were missed due to the government shutdown and push the 11,000+ applications to the spring study sections for consideration at May Council.

Instead, per today’s Notice of Revised Guidance on Resumption of NIH Extramural Activities Following the Recent Lapse in Appropriations:

Most NIH peer review meetings that occurred during or immediately following the government shutdown will be rescheduled so that as many applications as possible are able to be considered at January 2014 Council meetings.

However …

As this is an unprecedented situation where the review meetings are being rescheduled under tight time frames, scheduling complexities may prevent the evaluation of the full complement of applications for this round.  Thus, while it is thought to be a small number, there may be some applications that cannot be reviewed in time for the January 2014 Advisory Council. These applications will be reassigned to the May 2014 Advisory Council and both the principal investigator and the signing official listed on the grant application will receive an email notification alerting them to the change during the week of November 4, 2013. NIH will also adjust the meeting dates listed in the eRA Commons for these refresh-eligible applications to 09/09/9999 so the applications can be easily identified.

Should your application fall among this unfortunate small number,

Applications reassigned to the May 2014 Advisory Council will proceed to initial peer review in February/March 2014 without any action from the applicant. However, NIH is giving these applicants the option of withdrawing and submitting a refreshed application. If you choose to refresh your application, follow the steps below carefully:

Withdraw the existing application by November 15.

Submit the refreshed application to the original funding opportunity announcement (FOA), if possible. If that FOA has closed, submit to the appropriate parent announcement. If there is no parent announcement for that activity code, send an e-mail to grantsinfo@od.nih.gov with the previous FOA number and we will work with you to get the application submitted.

Submit a cover letter with the refreshed application. Indicate that you are refreshing your application for the May 2014 council round, include the previous application number, and provide the previous study section assignment. Applicants are welcome to use the email notification they received from NIH as the cover letter.

Make the refreshed application a “new”, “resubmission” or “renewal” to match the withdrawn application.

All refreshed applications are due by December 11, 2013. No late applications will be accepted for this special receipt date.

  • Only applicants who are reassigned to May 2014 Advisory Council round, and who are notified by NIH of their eligibility to refresh an application, may submit for the December 11 deadline. Any other applications for this deadline will not be reviewed. As always, other applications that are rescheduled for review this round may be withdrawn for any reason, as per our usual process, and submitted for the next standard deadline.

The Notice repeats information on revised submisson dates for applications with October receipt dates and other details that have not been changed since last Friday’s guidance was released, though there is a separate Notice about the final K99/R00 program resubmission date.



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  2. G S Kimberley said

    Hi writedit

    One of the talented postdocs in my lab ( 3 yrs) had applied for government positions before the shutdown. He said he should have received notification from NIH around the first week of October. He has not. Would you advice to call someone at NIH and ask about the status of his application?. Or is he still within the reasonable waiting period (due to shutdown)?. My lab is in difficult financial circumstances (obvious reasons) and no chance to support his salary.

    Thanks writedit for all your advice

    • writedit said

      If he applied through USAJobs, he’ll need to wait for that application status to change. He could contact the person listed on the announcement for an update.

  3. kansascity guy said

    Hi writedit

    Writing to you following my university advisor’s advice. I’ve applied for gov jobs through USAjobs.gov, which I thought passed the applications to NIH through the Application Manager. It was my understanding that Application Manager was the NIH site for reviewing their own job applications but, according to a friend, Application Manager is a USA government site that reviews all applications before they even get to NIH. Is that right?.

    My friend said that Application Manager belongs to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM.GOV) and it serves the purpose of screening applicants before they even get to the specific agency where the proper reviewers make their selection. I don’t know if this is a rumor or there is anything true to it. I would appreciate your info on the matter. Thanks for very useful site.

    • SG said

      “Application Manager is a separate Federal system from USAJOBS. It is used by many Federal agencies to collect online application and assessment information for specific positions.”

      That is, it can collect some very specific information that USAjobs.gov can’t. But, you have to start the application through USAjobs.gov.

      This PPT has some useful information about USAjobs and Applicationmanager.


      • kansascity guy said

        Thanks for info.

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