Revised Grant Application Submission and Review Dates

The NIH Notice with Guidance on Resumption of NIH Extramural Activities Following the Recent Lapse in Appropriations includes a wide range of details for a variety of audiences, but the information most relevant to most PIs will be the revised submission dates for applications due in October and the cancelling of review committee meetings (with applications pushed to February-March meetings and in turn May Council). I have copied this information below.

Don’t forget to let your Congressional delegation know how you feel about all this and the very real long-term impact the shutdown and continued budget cuts have on biomedical research.

Rescheduling October Application Due Dates

  • All October grant application due dates have been rescheduled as follows:

Standard Due Dates:

Activity Code Original Due Date New Due Date
R01s, U01s (New) October 5 November 12
Ks (New) October 12 November 12
R03s, R21s, R34s, R36s (New) October 16 November 18
R15s (All) October 25 November 18

Special Due Dates:

Funding Opportunity Original Due Date New Due Date
Various RFAs, PARs, PAs Due dates not listed above November  1*


Funding Opportunity Original Due Date New Due Date
PAR-13-277 October 1 November  14
PAR-13-351 October 23 November 14
RFA-AI-13-043 October 23 November 14
PAR-13-086 October 24 November 14
PAR-13-087 October 24 November 14
  • The NIH Loan Repayment Program application due date has been extended from November 15 to December 2.
  • November grant application due dates will not change (with the exception of the Loan Repayment program deadline listed above).
  • will continue to accept applications for funding opportunity announcements with October closing dates, even if those dates have passed.

Replacing an Application that was Submitted for an October Due Date Since October application due dates are moving to November, NIH is giving applicants who have already submitted an application for an October due date the opportunity to replace the submission with a “refreshed” application.  Follow the guidance below if you choose to submit a replacement application:

  • If an application has an image in the eRA Commons and is within the two day viewing window the institutional Signing Official should first reject the application in the Commons to keep it from further processing, then submit the refreshed application.
  • If there is no option to reject the application in the Commons (meaning the application has moved beyond the viewing window for further processing by NIH), applicants should withdraw the application before submitting a refreshed application.
  • Applications that have been submitted but have errors (thus have no application image), can submit a changed/corrected application.

Note: Replacing the application submission with a “refreshed” application does not count as a resubmission (A1), meaning that an application submitted for an October due date as a “new” application should be submitted as a “new” application. A “resubmission” should be submitted again as “resubmission”.  A “renewal” should continue to be a “renewal”.

Rescheduling Peer Review Meetings – UPDATE: please see the revised guidance issued in this Notice and summarized in the post above.


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