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Update: Please see the post above and the latest NIH Notice on resumption of extramural activities.

As NIH employees return to work and try to sort out the mess – an unnatural disaster of unprecedented proportions – please be patient and sit on your hands rather than email or call your PO/SRO. Instead, please watch for Notices in the NIH Guide. Your PO/SRO will not know before these are issued how delayed application submissions or missed study sections will be handled. Truly. They cannot answer questions about what happens to applications waiting for submission or waiting for review or waiting for funding decisions and will not know the NIH plan for addressing all this until about the same time that the Notice is ready for release.

They all have hundreds if not thousands of backlogged messages to sort through, so please also be patient even if your question is about an FOA for which you are developing an application or other general queries.

Update: I will just paste in the text of the first Notice on Interim Guidance on Resumption of NIH Extramural Activities

NIH is working to reestablish dates for grant and contract submissions, determine how to handle missed review meetings, and reschedule dates for training and other activities that were scheduled to occur during and immediately following the period of the government shutdown.

As of today, we can confirm that we will be rescheduling all October grant application submission deadlines to the November timeframe (specific dates to be announced in a future Notice). By delaying due dates that occurred both during the lapse in funding and in the week following, applicants will have access to NIH staff and the help desks as they develop their applications.

Peer review meetings that were due to be held between October 1 and October 17 have been cancelled and are being rescheduled.

We expect the eRA Commons will be available for public access on Monday, October 21.

NIH will provide additional information, including a Notice on NIH operations during a continuing resolution, as soon as it is available.



  1. mateo said

    anybody care to estimate on the extensions for the grants with deadlines during the shutdown?

    • writedit said

      FOAs with deadlines next week must be submitted on time, so I expect a Notice from OER about the missed deadlines soon. Applications should already be ready for immediate submission, so I would not expect a long window in terms of submission deadline (probably depends on what they think & eRA Commons can handle), though they may all get an extra 2-day error correction window after the updated submission date.

  2. SG said

    NIH has published a little more info in the Guide about how they are moving forward.

  3. curious said

    I have a grant submission due date of the 28th of October. Would that that deadline be pushed back to November as well, or would I still be held to the October 28th deadline? I ask because the interim guideline says “As of today, we can confirm that we will be rescheduling ALL October grant application submission deadlines to the November timeframe”. Any guidance on this would be very helpful, as it will give me some more time to develop my proposal…

    • writedit said

      My interpretation of “due dates that occurred both during the lapse in funding and in the week following” would include FOAs with submission deadlines up through October 24, with those due thereafter to be submitted on time for the original submission date. I interpreted the “October grant application submission deadlines” as referring to the standard submission dates (Oct 5, 12, 16). Additional Notices will clarify this, but I would suggest you continue to get ready for an Oct 28 submission. You can also contact the PO, recognizing there will likely be a delay in the reply.

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