Obama Budget Proposal – $31B for NIH, $7.6B for NSF

From the Administration’s FY14 budget comments for HHS:

Supports Biomedical Research at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Biomedical research contributes to improving the health of the American people, as well as the economy. The Budget includes $31 billion for NIH to support research on-campus and at academic and independent research institutions across the United States, including delivering on the Administration’s commitment to enhance investment in Alzheimer’s research. Tomorrow’s advances in health care depend on today’s investments in basic research on the fundamental causes and mechanisms of disease, new technologies to accelerate discoveries, advances in translational sciences, and new investigators and new ideas. The Budget will increase focus on research that aims to increase understanding of the brain, improve the clinical trials network, and enhance the development of new therapeutics to treat diseases and disorders that affect millions of Americans. NIH will implement new policies to collect better data on trainees and institutions’ administrative costs.

As a reminder, the NIH received appropriations of $31.24B in FY10 (highest in NIH history), $30.91B in FY11, and $30.86 in FY12 … still no official word on the final appropriation for FY13 ($28.6B according to FASEB).

The President’s budget requests $7.6B for NSF and makes reference to consolidating STEM undergraduate education and graduate fellowship programs in the NSF, with no details as to which other federal STEM education programs might migrate to the NSF or what else this initiative might entail.

The Senate budget resolution indicates support for the NIH (particularly with regard to its positive impact on the US economy) but lists no specific dollar amount other than $94.3B budget authority for health discretionary spending (which includes the NIH), versus $40.1B in the House budget resolution. The Senate also approved an amendment by Senators Durbin (IL), Moran (KS), Cardin (MD), Mikulski (MD), Blumenthal (CT), Casey (PA), Collins (ME), and Klobuchar (MN) to “establish a deficit-neutral reserve fund to increase funding for the National Institutes of Health.”

Nothing over, especially the shoutin’.



  1. S said


  2. Why are you wasting your time posting this gibberish? Neither the President’s 2014 budget, nor the Senate’s, nor the House’s are going to have jacke fucken dicke to do with what appropriations actually are enacted for the 2014 fiscal year.

    • Old Grantee said

      So, WHO is then is going to “have jacke fucken dicke to do with what appropriations actually are enacted for the 2014 fiscal year”?. Very curious to know CPP.

      • insane in the membrane said

        Continued paralysis in DC leading to continuing resolution come 10/1 with additional sequestration cuts?

        Whoopppeeeeee!!! Sounds Great!!!

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