For Those of You Celebrating Sequester Day by Looking for a New Job …

why not be part of the team that works out to the sixth decimal place just how bad success rates will be in the coming FYs?

The Office of Statistical Analysis and Reporting with the Office of Extramural Research of NIH is seeking qualified GS-9 through GS-14 Mathematical Statisticians (translation: these are the folks who conduct analyses for the RockTalk Blog, NIH Data Book, and other internal and external reports to help support decision-making at the NIH):

These positions are open to any qualified U.S. citizens as well as federal staff via merit promotions (separate job postings: GS 14 and GS 9-13).  They will  close on Monday, March 4 at midnight.



  1. D said

    Are there statisticians who don’t use math?

  2. When are these fucken assebagges gonna compare the success rates for grants typeset in Arial versus those in Georgia!?!?!?

  3. ACL said


    Just wondering if the “job getting” at NIH works in the same way that the “NIH grant funding” in these very challenging times.
    Given the grant funding situation and uncertain academic environment, I applied for a couple of very similar scientific positions at NIH last December. In one of them I had the “ Eligible, not referred to selecting official” response. As for the second one I had: “Application received” and it is still listed as such at USAjobs.
    Should I have any hope for the second one ? Or should I direct my efforts to a different avenue ?.

    Thanks for your input. Very useful site.

    • writedit said

      Well, as with applying for a grant, you want to make connections in advance wherever you are applying for a job. I assume you know the POs in the IC where you are applying (or SROs for related SRGs), so contacting them for advice, insight, etc. would be your best strategy. The second application is not going anywhere with regard to the job you applied for, but your CV may be on someone’s desk. Most NIH positions have a very short application time window (~5 days), so the key as an applicant is to watch closely for possible jobs and ask friends at the NIH to keep their eyes open for good opportunities for you.

  4. ACL said

    Thanks writedit.

    No, I haven’t talked to anyone. I just followed the instructions at USAjobs and would not know of any connections other than the person listed in the specific announcement ( for any questions about the vacancy). So, I guess that I am at clear disadvantage when compared to applicants well-connected and very aware of how well the system works. Any suggestions?. Thanks again.

    • writedit said

      I assume you are applying in areas where you have scientific expertise and have probably worked with POs on prior grant applications. You’ll want to talk with the people you talked with when you were applying for grants.

  5. ACL said

    It sounds like getting to the safest place. Thanks so much.

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