NIMH Adjusts K-mechanism Policies

NIMH has announced some modifications to eligibility for applicants to the parent K01, K08, and K23 mechanisms. The parent announcements only disqualify those who have received (as PI) R01, P01 or center grant project, or other K award funding. Starting with the February 12, 2013 submission deadline, NIMH only accept applications from

individuals with no more than 6 years of postdoctoral experience at the time of application (either the initial or resubmission application).  The NIMH will generally not consider applications requesting more than 4 years of K01, K08, or K23 support.  See for further details. 

For the same submission deadline, NIMH will increase its K99-phase salary cap from $50,000 to $75,000.



  1. MVR said

    Do you know what the NIMH payline is for K08 awards? How does my mentee’s score of 40 stack up? C

    • writedit said

      Oof. Too high, unless there is exceptional programmatic interest. If this was an A0, your mentee should have addressable concerns to fix in the A1. The PO can provide insight as to how the discussion went, too. If this was an A1, then your mentee should use the comments to start working on an RPG (and junior faculty/career development awards from societies/foundations in your field).

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