Insider Advice from former NIGMS Director Jeremy Berg

Paul Knoepfler has posted a two-part interview with Jeremy Berg that should be of considerable interest to those who wander by MWEG. In Part I, Jeremy offers advice to grant applicants (“Submit the most carefully prepared applications that you can!”) and reflects on how applications are selected for funding (including the accompanying budget cuts). In Part II, Jeremy provides his perspective on NIH funding in the next 5 years (anywhere from tough to horrible, depending on what happens with sequestration), what he would use his magic wand to change (give feedback to reviewers), and what he learned as NIGMS Director (the good, the bad, & the ugly).

Thanks to Paul for taking the time and initiative to do this (in his vast spare time) and to Jeremy for sharing his insights with the research community!


  1. […] Read the whole interview here: Part 1, Part 2 Sequestration is increasingly likely (via) […]

  2. IGrrrl said

    Thanks for posting this. Most of it was not exactly news to me, but it was very interesting to see it from the other side. (Also, I agree with his magic wand thoughts.)

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