NIAMS Funding Trends

Taking their cue from NIGMS and more recently NCI, NIAMS has now posted data on R01 funding for FY11 and FY10. Of note is the drop in payline from FY10 (15th percentile for established PIs/20th for new/ESI PIs) to FY11 (11th/15th) and FY12 (12th/15th). The main story from the FY11 bar graphs seems to be that NIAMS is true to its payline, with only 7% of its applications from new/ESI PIs selected for pay by exception (so you would need to be exceptionally exceptional to be tapped for select pay); established PIs fare better, with 29% of these applications funded above the payline … but none are tapped very high up the line (data only go to the 22nd percentile for FY11, and I would expect a similar trend for FY12).


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