NCI Publishes FY11 Funding Data (R01s, R21s)

NCI has joined NIGMS in releasing some of its FY11 funding data, which break down applications and awards by percentile and PI status (established, new, ESI). They introduce the charts and table with a concise statement about “the zone”:

Beginning in FY 2011, NCI adopted a new approach to the selection of grant applications for funding that sets a zone within which nearly all applications are selected for funding. In both 2011 and 2012, that zone extended to the 7th percentile. Beyond that point, all applications are considered, resulting in a final success rate of 15% in 2011.

And they are sufficiently stouthearted to accept comments.



  1. Jeremy Berg said

    I am delighted to see that NCI is making these data available. I hope other ICs will follow suit.

  2. Cashmoney said

    Great News? Now where’s NIMH?

    • Erik said

      NIMH is with NCI. Harold is taking care of himself and his interests without conflicts by procuring Craig Thompson a 13.2 millions P30 at SKCC with 6.5 millions for his own subproject. No wonder he wants to supervise and decide who gets funding or not.

      Here you go: INSELGATE, VARMUSGATE


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