NIH FY12 Appropriations – UPDATED

With an agreement finally reached on an appropriations bill, the news for the NIH is better than if we had continued the CR with its 1.5% cut all year. Looking at the House Appropriations Committee’s marked up bill (H.R. 3671, see pp 50-56) and FY11 appropriation levels, I initially read slight decreases (except where NCRR funds move to new ICs), with any new money earmarked for specific programs (see notes below). Science and The Chronicle of Higher Education highlighted a slight overall increase for the NIH, which is true but relative (more below). Either way, not much change, up or down.

Biggest bonus surprise: anyone who applied to an IDeA FOA this past year certainly hit the jackpot: this program will have an extra ~$46M+ to hand out by September 30th … not sure if they’ll just reach farther down their payline or whip up a new solicitation in time for review & funding by the end of the FY. This is now NIGMS’ call, with the unfortunate dissolution of NCRR in the same appropriations bill.

I originally used dollar amounts from the marked up HR 3671 and the FY11 $s from what was signed into law. However, the Conference Report (see table at pp 31-34) helpfully provides $s for FY11 enacted that take into account Public Law 112-10‘s 0.2% across-the-board cut in discretionary spending plus an extra $210M cut to the NIH (spread across the ICs) … so the NIH is getting a small increase, though it does not quite offset what was lost last year (i.e., by the 0.2% + $210M additional cuts). I’ll leave all the numbers up as a reminder of how complicated this can get …

    NCI: $5,103,388,000 FY11 (PL)/$5,058,577 (Conf) vs $5,081,788,000 FY12

    NHLBI: $3,096,916,000 FY11 (PL)/$3,069,723 (Conf) vs $3,084,851,000 FY12

    NIDCR: $413,236,000 FY11 (PL)/$409,608,000 (Conf) vs $411,488,000 FY12

    NIDDK: $1,808,100,000 FY11 (PL)/$1,792,224,000 (Conf) vs $1,800,447,000 FY12

    NINDS: $1,636,371,000 FY11 (PL)/$1,622,003,000 (Conf) vs $1,629,445,000 FY12

    NIAID: $4,518,275,000 (after $300M to global fund) FY11/$4,478,668,000 (Conf) vs $4,499,215,000 FY12 (no global fund transfer)

    NIGMS: $2,051,798,000 FY11 (PL)/$2,033,782,000 (Conf) vs $2,434,637,000 FY12 (includes $ for NCRR programs transferred to NIGMS … and “provided that not less than $276,480,000 is provided for the IDeA program”)

    NICHD: $1,329,528,000 FY11 (PL)/$1,317,854,000 (Conf) vs $1,323,900,000 FY12

    NEI: $707,036,000 FY11 (PL)/$700,828,000 (Conf) vs $704,043,000 FY12

    NIEHS: $689,781,000 FY11 (PL)/$683,724,000 (Conf) vs $686,869,000 FY12

    NIA: $1,110,229,000 FY11 (PL)/$1,100,481,000 (Conf) vs $1,105,530,000 FY12

    NIAMS: $539,082,000 FY11 (PL)/$534,349,000 (Conf) vs $536,801,000 FY12

    NIDCD: $418,833,000 FY11 (PL)/$415,155,000 (Conf) vs $417,061,000 FY12

    NINR: $145,660,000 FY11 (PL)/$144,381,000 (Conf) vs $145,043,000 FY12

    NIAAA: $462,346,000 FY11 (PL)/$458,286,000 (Conf) vs $460,389,000 FY12

    NIDA: $1,059,848,000 FY11 (PL)/$1,050,542,000 (Conf) vs $1,055,362,000 FY12

    NIMH: $1,489,372,000 FY11 (PL)/$1,476,294 (Conf) vs $1,483,068,000 FY12

    NHGRI: $516,028,000 FY11 (PL)/$511,497,000 (Conf) vs $513,844,000 FY12

    NIBIB: $316,582,000 FY11 (PL)/$313,802,000 (Conf) vs $338,998,000 FY12 (includes $ for NCRR programs transferred to NIBIB)

    NCRR: $1,268,896,000 FY11 (PL)/$1,257,754,000 (Conf) vs $0 FY12 (these $ are all redistributed to other ICs & OD)

    NCCAM: $128,844,000 FY11 (PL)/$127,713,000 (Conf) vs $128,299,000 FY12

    NIMHD: $211,572,000 FY11 (PL)/$209,714,000 (Conf) vs $276,963,000 FY12 (includes $ for NCRR programs transferred to NIMHD)

    FIC: $70,051,000 FY11 (PL)/$69,436,000 (Conf) vs $69,754,000 FY12

    NLM: $339,716,000 FY11 (PL)/$336,733,000 (Conf) vs $338,278,000 FY12

    NCATS: $0 FY11 vs $576,456,000 FY12 ($10M for CAN, $487,767,000 for CTSA, rest for other NCRR programs)

    OD: $1,177,300,000 FY11 (PL)/$1,166,963,000 (Conf) ($544,109,000 for Common Fund) vs $1,461,880,000 ($545,962,000 for Common Fund)

    Buildings and facilities: $100,000,000 FY11 vs $125,581,000 FY12

If anything changes in the language of the final bill signed into law, I will update this post accordingly.

In the meantime, the Conference Report includes a few other items of interest:

  • The conferees affirm the critical importance o f new and competing RPGs to the mission of NIH and are concerned that in the past few years, NIH has failed to support the number of new, competing RPGs that it estimated
    would be awarded in its annual congressional budget justifications.
  • NIH should also establish safeguards to ensure the percentage of funds used to support basic research across NIH is maintained.
  • While the conferees welcome the creation of NCATS, they were disappointed by the way the administration requested it. The President’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2012 included a vague description of NCATS but did not formally request funding for the restructuring or provide any details about which components of NIH would be consolidated into the new Center. The failure to do so caused unnecessary uncertainty about the proposal and contributed to the impression that it was being rushed. The conferees are also aware of concerns that the NIH process for evaluating the merits ofthe NCATS reorganization did not comply with the NIH Reform Act of 2006 with respect to the role of the Scientific SMRB.
  • Lessons learned with NCATS should guide NIH as it considers another proposed restructuring, one that would involve consolidating NIDA, NIAAA and components of other ICs into a new Institute devoted to research on substance use, abuse and addiction. The conferees understand that NIH plans to adopt a more deliberate approach in evaluating the need for this Institute. The conferees strongly recommend that this approach should include full consideration by the SMRB and that if the administration ultimately decides to seek such a restructuring, it should provide sufficient details in a formal budget request to Congress.


  1. nanoparticle said

    “National Institutes of Health (NIH) – The bill provides NIH with $30.7 billion in funding, which is $299 million above last year’s level and $758 million below the President’s request. This bill assumes NIH will support the same number of scientifically meritorious research project grants as last year.”

    Is there any miscalculation in this summary? I remember that the 2011 NIH budget is more than $30.7 billion.

  2. DrugMonkey said

    Time to turn off the graduate student training tap yet folks? Are we convinced there is never going to be a rescue and that this is the new reality?

    • whimple said

      Doesn’t lack of funding turn that tap off for you? It’s the “build new research buildings so we can fill them with funded investigators to pay exorbitant administrative salaries with the indirects” tap that needs to be turned off, but I think that might have already happened.

  3. Spiny Norman said

    Could be worse. Could be raining.

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