SMRB Meeting October 26

Remember our friends at the SMRB? The folks charged to advise the NIH Director on the use of organizational authorities? The Federal Register (and finally, today, so does their main Website) announced their meeting next on October 26th, which is open to the public and can be viewed via Webcast.

Let’s see. Since their last meeting in Feb, the Director has directed the planned dismantling and redistribution of NCRR programs, which in fact remained at NCRR under the CR … and would be permanently kept at NCRR according to the House draft (which also increases NIH funding) of the Labor, HHS, and Education appropriations bill … whereas the Senate version eliminates NCRR, establishes NCATS, and cuts the NIH appropriation.

The agenda for next Wednesday’s SMRB meeting is as follows:

    9:00 AM Opening Remarks, Norman Augustin
    9:15 AM Status of NIH Today and Looking to the Future, Francis Collins
    9:45 AM Advancing Translational Sciences, Kathy Hudson
    10:15 AM Discussion
    10:45 AM Substance Use, Abuse, & Addiction Research, Lawrence Tabak
    10:50 AM Discussion
    11:00 AM Public Comments
    11:30 AM NIH Clinical Center, Stephen Katz
    12:00 PM Discussion
    12:30 PM Public Comments
    12:45 PM Lunch (nothing served via Webcast)
    1:30 PM SBIR & STTR Programs at NIH, Sally Rockey
    2:00 PM Charge to the SMRB, Francis Collins
    2:10 PM Discussion
    2:45 PM Next Steps, Norman Augustine
    3:00 PM Adjournment

To sign up to make a public comment at the meeting, send your name and affiliation to Lyric Jorgenson, PhD by October 25, 2011 (you can submit a written comment to the same address).

We will see what advice on executing organizational authority comes forth next …


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