Collins to Honor NCRR as the NIH’s “Healthiest” IC on Take a Hike Day!

It’s true …

The Office of Research Services is proud to announce that the NCRR is the winner of the 2010 NIH President’s Challenge.

The NCRR bested two-time defending champion, NIDCD, with the highest average point total per employee. …

Thus, the NCRR is now the “Healthiest” Institute/Center at NIH!

… Dr. Collins awards the trophy to NCRR at the 4th annual Take a Hike Day on Thursday May 11, 2011 at 11:30 AM on the steps of Building 1.



  1. anonymous said

    Congratulations to the Healthiest NCRR!

    This is not just a coincidence, or is it Dr Collins ?

  2. Anonymous said

    I thought Dr. Collins had already decided that of all the ICs the NCRR was most fit to take a hike…so this is kinda old news, right?

    • Pseudonymous said

      You’re right. Francis Collins, among other qualities, is the best coach for taking on exciting but not less challenging hikes for life.

      Dare to live NCRR and dare to sing Francis !

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