New Investigator Rapid Resubmission Period Extended

Per a Notice released today, new and ESI applicants will now have an extra couple of weeks to prepare their A1 submission in time to make the next review cycle. Previously, they needed to resubmit by the 20th of the month in which they typically received their summary statement, and now they have until the 10th of the next month, which should offer a little more breathing room for both the SROs and the applicants. For each cycle, the timing would look like this:

Due date for New R01 (A0) application

Study Section Meeting Window

Summary Statement Release

Due Date for Next Round Resubmission (A1)

February 5


July 10

August 10

June 5


November 10

December 10

October 5


March 10

April 10

As a reminder, this only applies to R01 applications (no other mechanisms) and only to applications submitted for one of the standard deadlines (applications submitted in response to RFAs and PARs with special deadlines do not fall under this policy).

And as the Notice helpfully concludes,

New Investigators are encouraged to consult with officials at their institution and the NIH Program Director assigned to their application (identified on the summary statement) [aka PO or program officer] in making the decision on whether to utilize this option.



  1. Considering the facts that (1) there are no more A2s and (2) receipt and referral of a resubmission is a triviality, I don’t see why they don’t extend this to all PIs and not just NI/ESI.

  2. drugmonkey said

    To intentionally slow down the pace, of course, PhysioProf.

  3. HW said

    I am curious about how study sections view NI/ESI applicants who take advantage of the rapid resubmission policy. Do reviewers see this as a negative thing because the applicants did not take “sufficient” time to address their critiques even the response was great? Or this is not a factor at all?

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