Input sought on …

… the NIH Early Independence Award, which, at least in its initial FOA, provides $250K DC per year for 5 years to grad students so they can skip the postdoc period and immediately become independent faculty researchers. An interesting report on how to structure this program presents some alternative models and considers existing successful programs (e.g., Carnegie, Whitehead, Janelia Farm, RWJF, etc.). According to the RFI Notice, you have until March 18 to chime in. I wonder if we can comment on the rather unusual image the NIH Director has selected to represent this program.

… and the planned transfer of NCRR programs to NIGMS by Jeremy Berg at the Feedback Loop. Congress still has time to recognize this might not be the best use of taxpayer dollars, but in the absence of a sudden burst of clear thinking, the reorganization will move forward, and Director Berg would genuinely appreciate feedback from the key constituency (namely, the extramural research community the NCRR serves … served). Reflections on the whole process and what this might portend for the NIH more broadly would likely be welcome as well.



  1. writedit said

    Nature graphically lays out the planned reorganization, including timing and money flow.

  2. PKA said

    Let’s hope that Congress listen to the voices asking for a reasonable process… The feeling is like waiting for a decision as to whether to invade Irak or not. Of course, there are so many people suffering the tyranny of disease….except that invading NCRR might bring destruction, disenchantment, loss of credibility and waste of true achievements and economic resources….. Hopefully Francis Collins is luckier than Colin Powell in terms of receiving and taking sound advice.

  3. becca said

    I think the image for the Early Independence program is hilarious and very appropriate…
    “when you wish upon a star/makes no difference who you are”
    Because really, doesn’t the NIH *want* to get trainees to get the idea applying for their grants is a process just about exactly like wishing upon a star?

  4. writedit said

    The deadline for input into the EIA wish-upon-a-star award has been extended to March 31st per this Notice.

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