Surveying Peer Review Enhancements

In the midst of grant deadlines, writedit has been staring longingly at the psychiatric hospital up the hill, where a room with a view and a valium drip sounds good about now, but has just enough time for a quick post to distract all of you with freshly assigned impact scores from obsessively searching for any hint of funding success … and those of you with stale impact scores from wondering again when paylines might be known.

The NIGMS Feedback Loop and Rock Talk both have current posts on OER survey data on Enhancing Peer Review. The Feedback Loop pulls out respondent assessment of the value of the individual criterion scores, a topic of recent interest to Director Berg both at the NIGMS and NIH-wide level. Seems less than half of you feel the criterion scores are particularly helpful …


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  1. SG said

    All that work “enhancing peer review” and the survey said…..

    “eh” (shoulder shrug).

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