Findings of Research Misconduct

Notice is hereby given that ORI has taken final action in the following case:

Based on the Wadsworth Center report and the oversight review conducted by ORI, the U.S. PHS found that Meleik Goodwill, PhD, former postdoctoral fellow, Wadsworth Center, NYS Department of Health, engaged in research misconduct in research supported by grant R21 ES013269-02.

Specifically, PHS found that the Respondent engaged in research misconduct by the fabrication of data for growth curves presented in Figure 1 in the 2007 Journal of Neuroimmunology article (183(1-2):125-132), and by the use of composite images of Western-blot bands from unrelated experiments done in 2005 that were falsely labeled as if from different experiments to construct Figure 4A in the 2007 Journal of Neuroimmunology article. Figure 4B of the article also was falsified by use of identical sets of number for different treatments. The 2007 Journal of Neuroimmunology article was retracted in J Neuroimmunol. 2008;197(1):197.

Dr. Goodwill has entered into a Voluntary Settlement Agreement in which she has voluntarily agreed, for a period of 3 years, beginning on January 21, 2011:

  1. That any institution that submits an application for PHS support for a research project on which the Respondent’s participation is proposed or that uses her in any capacity on PHS-supported research, or that submits a report of PHS-funded research in which she is involved, must concurrently submit a plan for supervision of her duties to ORI for approval; the supervisory plan must be designed to ensure the scientific integrity of her research contribution; Respondent agrees that she will not participate in any PHS-supported research until such a supervisory plan is submitted to ORI;
  2. That any institution employing her submits, in conjunction with each application for PHS funds, or report, manuscript, or abstract involving PHS-funded research in which she was involved, a certification to ORI that the data provided are based on actual experiments or are otherwise legitimately derived and that the data, procedures, and methodology are accurately reported in the application or report; and
  3. To exclude herself voluntarily from service in any advisory capacity to PHS, including but not limited to service on any PHS advisory committee, board, and/or peer review committee, or as a consultant.

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