Winning The Future

The Rock posted nonexclamatorily today about the the future of the biomedical workforce, including data on funding trends to various classes of institutions. (most awardee types hold steady over the 25 y of data … noticeable though small increases in Research Institutes and For-Profits … it seems Virginia Tech was right on the money in realizing they needed to launch a med school to get a bigger share of the NIH pie)

Anyhoo, Collins has charged an ACD subcommittee to develop a workforce model to “help inform NIH in implementing policies to facilitate a vibrant and diverse future biomedical research workforce.” I didn’t realize such a thing could be facilitated, but there you go.

Fortunately, our man Jeremy Berg is all over this one. Last year at this time, he sought input on the planning process for their strategic plan for training and career development … and you all indeed did put out. He now seeks input – by February 15th – on the draft of the NIGMS Strategic Plan for Biomedical and Behavioral Research Training. Perhaps his draft report (which is truly a pleasant read) and your comments could help inform facilitation on a larger scale. Jeremy presents you with a usable document. Clear action bullets. Nice quotes and sidebars. For example,

We all know that being a professional scientist is more than simply doing experiments.”

I’m sure he can’t wait to hear from you about it. I’m sure you can’t wait to read and comment on it. Just do it! Hey, we’re all WTF – together!


  1. Jenn said

    This site is a great resource. Have you considered setting up a RSS feed?

  2. writedit said

    Jeffrey Mervis provides additional coverage on the NIGMS plan in Science this week.

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