FY10 Award Data from NIGMS

Kudos to NIGMS Director Jeremy Berg for continuing his release of funding data of extreme interest to the NIH extramural research community. Today’s gift, timely for Orthodox Christmas (Hristos se rodi !), summarizes FY10 award data, including percentiles of applications reviewed vs funded, success rates since 2006 (special line for the ARRA year), and total expenditures.

No doubt of most interest to all of you is Jeremy’s comment on what might be in store for FY11:

What do we anticipate for the current fiscal year (Fiscal Year 2011)? At this point, no appropriation bill has passed and we are operating under a continuing resolution through March 4, 2011, that funds NIH at Fiscal Year 2010 levels. Because we do not know the final appropriation level, we are not able at this time to estimate reliably the number of competing grants that we will be able to support. We can, however, estimate that the number of research project grant applications in the success rate base (correcting for applications that are reviewed twice in the same fiscal year). We predict that this number will be approximately 3,875, an increase of 17% over Fiscal Year 2010.

No surprise there. Hopefully Congress won’t have too many unpleasant surprises for the NIH appropriation either.


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  1. Dennis said


    I submitted an SBIR Phase I grant proposal to the NCI for the Aug 5, 2010 deadline. I received an impact/priority score of 26 on my summary statement and have no idea what percentile this falls into. Is this likely to be funded or should I be thinking about a resubmission? Thanks very much for any input.

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