Peer Review Survey

The Comparative Assessment of Peer Review (who knew?), an NSF-funded project of the Center for the Study of Interdisciplinarity (who knew?) at the University of North Texas, has an online survey that you are all invited (and encouraged) to complete. The CAPR “examines the peer review process at 6 science agencies worldwide: NSF, NIH, NOAA, NSERC, the EU’s 7th Framework Programme, and the Dutch STW.”

Probably not entirely what you might expect, but still an interesting thought exercise with plenty of opportunity to enter free-text comments and input.

The project is also creating a digital repository for the aforementioned science agencies (the sorts of program & policy documents not easily found in one place) and examining the broader impacts criteria for NSF-funded research (other than their own).

And, speaking of peer review & broader impacts, for those of you familiar with the Rocket Boys story (and even more so for those of you who are not familiar with it!), I think you’ll enjoy this adorable little (3’32”) video from the NIH.



  1. whimple said

    I wonder if there is a more contemporary “rocket boys” story the NIH could tell, or whether funding an “impossible dream” simply because investing in the struggle and the investigators is itself worthy has been lost.

    • SG said

      With paylines so low every grant that gets funded should be considered an “impossible dream”.

      • whimple said

        Yes, that’s my main complaint. The NIH has traded in the “dream big” motto it would like to live by (or maybe even that it still imagines it lives by) as alluded to by the Rocket Boys story, for a de facto “dream small” reality.

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