Retraction Overexpression

The big news during these Nobel-watching weeks is that Nobel Laureate Linda Buck retracted her 2006 Science paper with Zhihua Zou, who, as also reported in the NYT, did not agree with the retraction of this paper or a 2005 PNAS article but did sign off on a Nature 2008 retraction. Dr. Buck notes the disagreement in her Science retraction:

In the Report “Combinatorial Effects of Odorant Mixes in Olfactory Cortex” (1), we described subcellular patterns of Arc (arg3.1) mRNA expression in anterior piriform cortex neurons after mice had been exposed to odorants. We reported that some cortical neurons express Arc in response to a mix of two odorants but not either odorant alone. My laboratory has been unable to reproduce this finding. I am therefore retracting the Report. I sincerely apologize for any confusion that its publication may have caused. Zhihua Zou declined to sign this Retraction.

Separately, Science Insider and then Science News reported four retractions from the lab of therapy researcher Savio Woo at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. RetractionWatch, which originally reported on these, um, retractions, received a statement from Mount Sinai spokesman Ian Micheals indicating Dr. Woo had not been charged with misconduct but that the case (postdocs) was under investigation in cooperation with ORI. RetractionWatch yesterday reported on two additional retractions. RetractionWatch has it all nicely laid out … no need to replicate everything here … other than to wonder how many cases remain to be uncovered at significant cost in others’ time, $, and careers pursuing pathways of fabricated science.


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  1. D said

    Great question. It seems that these retractions have been coming fast and furious (and in multiples) lately. Is anyone making a chart of the frequency of retractions over the past few decades?

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