Award Data by Impact Score & Percentile (NIGMS)

Jeremy Berg has posted data that will be of exteme interest to any NIGMS applicants: a plot of impact score versus percentile of the 655 R01 applications reviewed during the January 2010 Council round, including color-coded data points to identify which scores/percentiles received awards.

Jeremy adds a note explaining that most of the black squares in the lower left quadrant (i.e., competitively scored but unfunded applications) represent Type 1 R01s submitted by PIs with more than $750K DC (including the submitted application). For those of you who weren’t aware, many ICs have policies that limit the number or dollar total of grant awards to any one lab … though exceptions can be made.



  1. whimple said

    20th percentile seems like a mighty generous payline these days, maybe with some ESI scatter up to the 30th percentile!

  2. DrugMonkey said

    20th percentile for the eventual payline is not generous, I’m hearing similar numbers from my favorite ICs. As always I submit to you that there is a hard payline bandied about which is always pretty conservative against the eventual, de facto payline. You can quibble semantics (and PP will) over what is a payline and what is a success rate, etc. the bottom line, for me, is what you see in the figure. They fund almost everything below a certain percentile and a much lower percentage of those above. If you look at the sharp cutoff, this is what we should think about in terms of the real, defacto payline.

  3. poter said

    Intresting draft, but 30 percentage is no so high level for it.

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