Enhancing Summary Statements

or touching up the previously enhanced version at least.

The Extramural Nexus from OER this month indicates that “help is on the way” … (that does not involve making Madame Zelda an allowable consultant cost):

NIH will begin requiring reviewers to include a paragraph in their written critiques to explain the factors that informed his or her overall impact score … [to] provide applicants with greater insight into how each reviewer assessed scientific merit of the grant application and determined his/her overall impact score. … You will see the additional information in summary statements for applications reviewed this fall.

Well then, something to look forward to. One wonders if reviewers will be required to remember verbatim the drunken comment made by the applicant at a Gordon conference …



  1. Pete said

    Pretty good!

  2. A number of scientists have had “WTF” moments and wondering what weird mental-state led to some of their scores. I am hopeful that this will provide some constructive feedback.

  3. Pete said

    Its not the same. This comment will patch some missing info in the new restructured score format

    “..Remember, reviewers do not use a defined formula to derive the overall impact score from the individual criterion scores. They are instructed to weigh the different criteria as they see fit in deriving their overall scores…”

  4. I believe this will be very useful as we all try to understand the new scoring system. It will hopefully allow applicants to get into the heads of reviewers and see which of the review criteria appear to be most important in influencing the impact scores. Then at least we will know what to focus the most on! I also think this may be especially helpful for new applicants.

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