NIH Guide 2.0 – Enhanced FOAs

Yesterday I attended a last-minute session at which NIH folks presented potential new changes to the way FOAs are released, the idea being that shorter, simpler applications deserve shorter, simpler funding announcements.

The question to you all: what data are most important in an FOA (especially in the Part 1. Overview Information) – that is, what would you not want to see disappear from this section (e.g. key dates, number of applications allowed, etc.) … and what aspects of FOAs do you feel need to be changed (e.g., details on eRA registration, page limitations, submission requirements, etc.)?

At the end of the session, one brave volunteer gave an e-mail address to which comments/suggestions could be sent … or you could add them here in response to this post.

And now … off the grid for a few days. Try not to trash the place while I’m gone …



  1. Sag said

    Muwahahahahahahahahahahaha! Mom’s away lets have a rave in the basement!

  2. I really like reading FOAs as they currently are.

  3. drugmonkey said

    Another NIH solution looking for a problem…

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