Collins FY11 Budget Testimony

Most of Francis Collins’ remarks to the House Subcommittee on Labor – HHS – Education Appropriations were of the fluffy, feel-good variety, but he closed with some talking points (references for each are available in the transcript) that you all might want to keep in mind when communicating with your Congressfolk about supporting the NIH appropriation:

It is crucial to keep in mind that investing in NIH not only improves America’s health and strengthens our nation’s biomedical research potential, it empowers the entire U.S. economy. Consider the following statistics:

  • A report issued by Families USA calculated that in 2007, every $1 in NIH funding resulted in an additional $2.11 in economic output in the U.S.
  • In FY 2007, a typical NIH grant supported the salaries of about 7 high-tech jobs in full or in part.
  • The 351,000 jobs resulting from NIH awards paid an average annual wage of more than $52,000 per annum and account for more than $18 billion in wages for FY 2007.
  • Long term, NIH funded R&D sparks U.S. economic innovation in the high-technology and high value-added pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. For example, between 1982 and 2006, one-third of all drugs and nearly 60 percent of promising new molecular entities approved by the FDA cited either an NIH-funded publication or an NIH patent.
  • NIH-funded research has contributed to overall gains in average U.S. life expectancy from 1970-2000 that were worth an estimated $95 trillion.

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