FundScience Applications Due Thurs, No Fooling

Fortunately, it shouldn’t take you – you being a graduate student – long to apply once you register for the site (scroll to bottom of page) and download the required forms (application template for illustrative purposes only). You’ll need up to 100 words describing your mentor(advisor)’s role, 100 words describing your aims & hypothesis, 100 words on background & rationale, 140 characters for your sales pitch to the public, 500 words for your abstract (graphics & video are allowed), 2-3 paragraphs on your study design/approach, and up to 500 words for preliminary data (if any) plus a 1-page bibliography and up to 6 suggested reviewers.

Why a sales pitch to the public? Because you will need to convince FundScience Website visitors (including friends & family you direct to the site for this purpose) to donate large or small $ amounts in support of your project. This is how most of your FundScience grant award will be funded, so the timing of your award will likewise depend on your ability to convince the public to fund your research.

Capisce? Great. Get your applications in, and let’s get this whole direct public funding of science experiment underway …



  1. Capisce?

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Coolio! DonorsChoose for graduate students. Me Likey.

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