Input Sought on NIGMS Training & Career Development Plan

As NIGMS Director Jeremy Berg noted on their blog the Feedback Loop, NIGMS would very much appreciate your input as they develop a strategic plan for training and career development.

You can submit comments online until April 21st.

You can participate in person at one of four regional stakeholder meetings:

You can participate in a Web discussion on Friday, June 11th, from 1-4 p.m. Eastern Time.

Please do participate, though. Obama’s proposed FY11 budget includes higher $ amounts for stipends (6% increase!) but a loss of 140 funded slots on institutional awards (T mechanisms) and only 48 additional individual awards (Fs); these numbers are NIH-wide, not just at NIGMS. With stipend levels more attractive but awards/slots increasingly competitive, your input will be more important than ever.



  1. D said

    Great idea. But, I wonder why this isn’t NIH wide?

  2. whimple said

    The stipend increase concept is causing friction around here. People want to know why grad students/post-docs are getting meaty raises while faculty/staff haven’t had raises in years.

  3. writedit said

    FASEB weighs in with their comments …

  4. […] our man Jeremy Berg is all over this one. Last year at this time, he sought input on the planning process for their strategic plan for training and career development … and […]

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