FundScience Funding Opportunity

For the next 10 days, writedit will be electronically untethered and unavailable to monitor queries, comments, etc. … have fun during this unchaperoned spell … but not too much, and try not to trash the place.

Okay – FundScience.

On March 1, FundScience began accepting applications for funding of up to $50K. The deadline for submissions (electronic, at the Website) is April 1, 2010. No joke.

Using expert reviewers (3 per application – you can suggest up to 5 names for reviewers), they will select the 3 best applications that qualify for “up to $50,000 funded and facilitated by FundScience” plus potential access to Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center resources.

Although the press release is a bit short on details, a FAQ lays out a few topical priorities (though opening Website indicates any topic is fair game), preferred applicant status (graduate students are especially encouraged to apply), and help on the application process. Where the $50K comes from is not typical of extramural sponsors:

Each sponsored project will feature a dedicated webpage with an option for visitors to donate to the project. We will market all projects as well as help and encourage you to market the project yourself. The collected funds will be distributed through the affiliated university directly for the use of the project. In return we ask that you update the community on your progress and successes.

You’ll need to register to apply, but the application process is not burdensome … unless, perhaps, you aren’t used to writing a “sales pitch” for your science.

Have fun with FundScience.



  1. Woohoo party at writedit’s!

  2. […] News The Chronicle of Higher Education has a nice feature on Fund Science, whose launch and initial solicitation for grant applications (and reminder) was covered here […]

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