ARRA Pathfinder Opportunity

Not quite hiking the Appalachian Trail …

The NIH Director’s ARRA Funded Pathfinder Award to Promote Diversity in the Scientific Workforce (DP4)

LOI: April 5, 2010
Application: May 4, 2010

Total costs for 3-year project may not exceed $2M – up to 5 awards to be made

This new FOA introduces a new research grant program to encourage exceptionally creative individual scientists to develop highly innovative and possibly transforming approaches for promoting diversity within the biomedical research workforce. To be considered highly innovative, the proposed research must reflect ideas substantially different from those already being pursued or it must apply existing research designs in new and innovative ways to unambiguously identify factors that will improve the retention of students, postdocs and faculty from diverse backgrounds. Awardees must commit a major portion (generally 30% or more) of their research effort to activities supported by the Director’s Pathfinder Award and the proposed research must be endorsed by the highest levels of institutional management.

Letters of reference are an important component of the Director’s Pathfinder application. Applicants must arrange to have 3 (and no more than 3) letters of reference submitted on their behalf.

Description of no more than 1 page of the applicant’s single most significant publication or research accomplishment. Applicants should submit one single accomplishment, not a summary of several accomplishments, multiple publications, or background narratives. Publications or other documents will not be accepted.

In 6 pages maximum (Research Strategy upload), describe the applicant’s innovative vision for addressing diversity within the biomedical research workforce, the importance of this problem on an institutional and a national level, and the applicant’s qualifications to engage in groundbreaking research related to workforce diversity. No detailed scientific plan should be provided since the research plan is expected to evolve during the tenure of the grant. The essay should include the following sections in the order given: Science Area, Project description, Evidence of innovativeness, How does the planned research differ from your past or current work, Suitability for Director’s Pathfinder program

References are not required but if included must fit within the 6-page limit. Figures and illustrations may be included but must also fit within the 6-page limit.

Include a biosketch only for the PI. Do not submit biosketches for other senior/key personnel.

Cover Letters should not be included unless related to an application which was corrected during the two day checking period after submission in


Clifton Poodry, PhD
Division of Minority Opportunities in Research, NIGMS
Telephone: (301) 594-3900

Go forth and find the path with the greatest diversity …


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