FY11 Budget Take 1

Quick post with some links to nice Science Insider overviews of Obama’s budget request for the NIH ($32.1B, with 3% increase from FY10) and NSF ($7.4B, with 8% increase from FY10). The NIH news sounds good until you get to:

The pot of money for new and competing extramural grants will fall 0.3% to roughly $4 billion, and the number of these grants will drop by 199 to 9052. And demand for grants could soar because of the many scientists who received temporary, 2-year funding through the $8.2 billion for extramural research that NIH received in the Recovery Act.

Indeed, Collins expects success rates—the chances that a submitted application will be funded—to slide in 2011.

The Chronicle of Higher Education has a great table showing the increase from FY10 to FY11 for individual ICs at the NIH and Directorates at NSF (keep scrolling down past the DoEd listings to “In Other Federal Agencies”). Nature likewise has a summary of who got what (including more detail on NSF).

You can also check out the 114-p Budget in Brief for a summary of all HHS budget components.

Maybe Congress will pass appropriation bills by this time next year … or maybe not.



  1. whimple said

    Where is the 3% increase going?

    • writedit said

      Science Insider notes the Administration’s priorities (cancer and autism research) and Collins’ five themes and other priorities (OppNet, for example). The Chronicle of Higher Education provides additional coverage and some nice tables.

  2. BB said

    As if we didn’t see that coming….
    I am grateful the VA looks as if its R&D merit program will be OK.

    What a mess.

  3. Stella said

    can someone summarize the table from Chronicles? i cant get the details (says its subscriber only)

    • writedit said

      National Institutes of Health [increase from FY10 to FY11]

      NCI: 3.2%
      NHLBI: 3.0%
      NIGMS: 3.6%
      NIDDK: 2.6%
      NINDS: 2.8%
      NIAID: 3.3%
      NIMH: 3.4%
      NICHD: 3.0%
      NIA: 2.9%
      NIDA: 3.3%
      NEI: 2.5%
      NIEHS: 2.6%
      NIAMS: 2.9%
      NHGRI: 3.5%
      NIAAA: 2.7%
      NIDCD: 2.5%
      NIDCR: 2.5%
      NINR: 3.2%
      NCRR: 3.2%
      NLM: 4.0%
      FIC: 4.3%
      NIBIB: 3.0%
      NCMHD: 3.6%
      NCCAM: 2.5%
      OD: 3.7%

      Buildings and facilities: 25.6%
      Other: 4.1%

      Total, NIH: 3.2% ($31,247,200 to $32,247,200)

      National Science Foundation
      Education and human resources: 2.2%
      Major-research equipment: 40.8%
      Mathematical and physical sciences: 4.3%
      Geosciences: 7.4%
      Computer science: 10.6%
      Engineering: 11.0%
      Biological science: 7.5%
      Polar programs: 17.0%
      Social, behavioral, and economic science: 5.3%
      Office of Cyberinfrastructure: 6.4%

      Total, NSF: 8.0% ($6,872,510 to $7,424,400)

      Source: Obama’s Fiscal 2011 Budget for Higher Education and Science, The Chronicle of Higher Education, February 1, 2010; http://chronicle.com/article/Obamas-Fiscal-2011-Budget/63845/

      • whimple said

        So why do they anticipate cutting 200 grants? Is the 3% going to be over-subscribed by maintaining existing grants?

  4. pinus said

    perhaps they are shifting to more P30s and K99s to help postdocs get jobs?

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