NIH FY10 Fiscal Policies

The NIH gave notice of the FY10 Fiscal Policy for Grant Awards now that its $31B budget (2.3% increase over FY09) is in place. It’s not entirely business as usual.

The goal is to fund 9,200 new and competing RPGs (average cost 2% higher than that in FY09) and at least 1,650 new investigators.

For FY10, only a 2% (vs 3%) inflation allowance will be permitted for non-competing (Type 5) awards. However, this policy does not apply to projects supported by ARRA or to Ks, Fs, Ts, or SBIR/STTRs. NRSAs (Fs, Ts) will receive a 1% increase in stipend levels.

The NIH Director’s Innovator Awards (i.e., Junior Pioneer or DP2) will continue with funding from the Common Fund, and K99s will be implemented as in previous years.

However, the NIH Directors Bridge Award (R56) will be suspended in FY10, though ICs will be permitted to use their own appropriated funds for this purpose (i.e., provide limited support to maintain projects just outside the payline).

A separate notice bumps up the FY10 salary cap to $199,700, and another lists the legislative mandates in the FY10 appropriations omnibus bill (e.g., no disseminating false data, no forgetting to acknowledge federal funding, no using federal funds for lobbying, distributing sterile needles, abortions [specified exceptions], human embryo research, promoting legalization of controlled substances, or contracts to contractors who have not paid all their taxes).

Oh, and you get 5 (vs 2) days to correct your electronic applications during the entire Cycle 1 submission period (Jan 25-May 7, 2010).

Remember too that this is the last calendar year to submit any grandfathered A2 applications (no A2s will be accepted after Jan 7, 2011).

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  1. D said

    That 2% increase wasn’t spread evenly through the various Institutes. (I think this is true but I can’t find the info). So some might do better (higher pay lines) than others..

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