ARRA Mentored Mid/Senior-Career Development RFA

Yet another unique offering with ARRA funds … this one a little less extravagant:

NIH Basic Behavioral and Social Science Opportunity Network (OppNet) Short-term Mentored Career Development Awards in the Basic Behavioral and Social Sciences for Mid-career and Senior Investigators (K18)

Letters of Intent Receipt Date: January 20, 2010.
Application Due Date: February 18, 2010

Two categories of candidates are targeted: (a) biomedical or clinical researchers with little experience in basic behavioral and social sciences research (b-BSSR) who seek training with a well established b-BSSR investigator in order to explore the introduction of b-BSSR into their research programs; and (b) investigators in the basic or applied behavioral and social sciences who wish to build new components or domains of basic-BSSR into their research programs.

Candidates must identify one or more mentors with extensive research experience in an appropriate domain or discipline, who are well-qualified and willing to sponsor the short term research career development experience. It is expected that the proposed career development plan will represent a novel extension of the research of the candidate. In most cases, the candidate and the proposed host laboratory/research program will not have any previous research collaborations, but candidates may propose such arrangements with justification as to why this program will facilitate career development that could not be achieved solely through a research grant mechanism.

  • Funding may be requested for between 3-12 months.
  • Budget proposals are limited to $50,000 per year for research support. These funds may be used to cover the cost of tuition, technical support, personnel consultant fees for mentor, travel and housing at a host institution, but not living expenses.
  • All candidates must devote a minimum of 25% but no greater than 50% of full-time professional effort. The total salary provided by the award will be prorated based on a full-time, 12-month staff appointment and the support period requested, up to the maximum legislated salary level.
  • This program will provide up to $20,000 in direct costs for research development support to cover career enhancement training experiences, such as tuition and fees for short-term courses, consultant fees, travel to scientific meetings, and research related costs, primarily supplies and technical services. The award will also provide fringe benefits on the calculated base salary at the established institutional rate.

Program officers for this trans-NIH initiative are listed by participating IC.


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  1. BB said

    What’s with so much ARRA money going towards behaviorial research?

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