ARRA Diabetes RFA

So here’s how NIDDK decided to spend some of their ARRA money …

Research On Biosamples From Selected Diabetes Clinical Studies (RC4)

LOI Receipt Date: February 10, 2010
Application Due Date: March 11, 2010

Total costs cannot exceed $400K over a 2-year project period … NIDDK anticipates making 5-10 awards … 6-p Research Strategy narrative with special instructions for the Approach section

The goal of this activity is to provide a mechanism for funding to investigators for laboratory tests on non-renewable (non-DNA) samples generated by selected studies and clinical trials (see RFA for list & details on each – advance approval needed from some consortiums). Funding or access to samples will not be provided for assay development or exploratory animal models research, or any research utilizing samples other than those that derive from the listed studies. Investigators should propose to test scientifically meritorious hypotheses related to the clinical trial’s goals and within the intent of the signed consent form for each study or trial. Applications should explain in what ways the study is meritorious, the assay technique is validated, and that the laboratory is able to carry out the assays with the highest quality standards. Applicants for consortium-controlled samples must provide their requests for access to samples approved in writing and documentation received at the NIDDK Review branch at least 2 weeks prior to the review date. In the case of consortium controlled samples, successful applications will be clearly collaborative, with scientific input from the clinical consortium’s clinical or laboratory scientists and biostatisticians. Applicants must explain how the proposed research will take advantage of the associated clinical and phenotypic data, and why the proposed research specifically requires samples from the selected trial or clinical study.

Contact the appropriate program officer for the selected parent study


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