ARRA Administrative Supplements

When it rains, it pours … in odd and extravagant ways …

Administrative Supplements for Comparative Effectiveness Research Workforce Development

Receipt Date: March 1, 2010

The maximum sum that may be requested is $500,000, as total costs, in FY2010 only. Up to 16 awards may be made, likely by September 2010 and, where possible, shortly after their approval.

This administrative supplement provides the opportunity for eligible grantees to develop, expand, and/or increase CER training, education, and career development programs within existing U.S. NIH-supported grants. Some types of awards from NIH (eg, S10 awards and many R and P awards) are not eligible for administrative supplements. Institutional awards that support the scope of training envisaged in this supplement announcement include the K12, K30, T32, T35, and T90 mechanisms, together with their KL and TL equivalents. Questions about eligibility should be addressed to the program officer and/or the grants management specialist for the award.

To be eligible, the parent grant must be active, and the training, education, and career development activities proposed in the supplement must be accomplished within the current competitive segment. The proposed supplement MUST be within the general scope of the peer-reviewed activities and aims approved within the parent grant, including projects on a no-cost extension.

Some examples of the types of supplements that could be appropriate include, but are not limited to: adding scholar or training slots for CER education and training through short courses, Certificate programs, and advanced degree-awarding programs; creating a course curriculum for early or midcareer researchers to develop or enhance skills in CER; creating an outreach training or course for community based research to develop or enhance skills in CER; and developing a CER training or course to include related fields such as communication and information dissemination science, medical decision-making, and outcomes and evaluation research as long as the proposal’s specific aims supports Federal Coordinating Council-defined CER.


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