AHRQ ARRA Funding Opportunities

Take a gander at the budget levels, particularly on the U13 … that will be one heck of a comparative effectiveness shindig.

ARRA-AHRQ Recovery Act 2009 Limited Competition: PROSPECT Studies: Building New Clinical Infrastructure for Comparative Effectiveness Research (R01)

The total costs for a grant awarded under this FOA are expected to range from $1.5 million to $3 million total costs per year. Total costs may not exceed $3 million annually. The duration of the project may not exceed 3 years. The grantee is required to accelerate the work where and when feasible. A maximum of 5 awards will be made. 25-page narrative.

The primary purpose of the PROSPECT (Prospective Outcome Systems using Patient-specific Electronic data to Compare Tests and therapies) Studies will be to advance the quality, depth and scale of the electronic data collection infrastructure as a basis for comparative effectiveness research. The projects will substantially enhance the nation’s ability and capacity to systematically collect prospective data that will inform comparative effectiveness research on diagnostics, therapeutics, devices, behavioral interventions, and procedures used in clinical care, especially in populations typically under-represented in randomized control clinical trials or that have limited access to healthcare, or both, such as patients with multiple co-morbidities, extremes of age, and minorities.

ARRA-AHRQ Recovery Act 2009 Limited Competition: Electronic Data Methods (EDM) Forum for Comparative Effectiveness Research (U13)

The total costs are $4 million over a maximum of 3 years; AHRQ anticipates making one award. 20-page narrative.

The Electronic Data Methods (EDM) forum will convene investigators who are conducting PROSPECT studies on comparative effectiveness of clinical interventions used in priority conditions and populations, other experts in clinical registries, distributed research methods, health information technology and outcomes research, practicing clinicians, representatives from relevant organizations, and other stakeholders as needed. The EDM forum, through a series of meetings and workshops, will identify the challenges to conducting comparative effectiveness research using electronic data, including but not limited to scientific, technical, organizational, clinical, legal, and ethical issues, and challenges related to compliance with HIPAA. The EDM forum will propose realistic solutions to such challenges, or outline a research agenda and/or discussion that will advance resolution of the issues identified by the forum.

For both FOAs:

LOI receipt date: December 18, 2009
Application receipt date: January 20, 2010

Scientific/Research Contact:
Amy Lindinha
Center for Outcomes and Evidence, AHRQ
Telephone: (301) 427-1600
E-mail address: PROSPECTgrants@ahrq.hhs.gov

This funding announcement is subject to restrictions on oral conversations during the period of time commencing with the submission of a formal application (includes the preliminary application and letter of intent phases of the program), by an individual or entity and ending with the award of the competitive funds. Federal officials may not participate in oral communications initiated by any person or entity concerning a pending application for a Recovery Act competitive grant or other competitive form of Federal financial assistance, whether or not the initiating party is a federally registered lobbyist. This restriction applies unless:

  • the communication is purely logistical;
  • the communication is made at a widely attended gathering;
  • the communication is to or from a Federal agency official and another Federal Government employee;
  • the communication is to or from a Federal agency official and an elected chief executive of a state, local or tribal government, or to or from a Federal agency official and the Presiding Officer or Majority Leader in each chamber of a state legislature; or
  • the communication is initiated by the Federal agency official.

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