Findings of Scientific (2) and Research (1) Misconduct

A three-fer again. The different terms used reflect the timing of the misconduct (scientific if the misconduct occurred before June 2005, research if after June 2005) due to a change in regulatory definitions.

Notice is hereby given that Zhong Bin Deng, former postdoctoral fellow at Medical College of Georgia, whose written and oral admissions and expressed remorse, engaged in scientific misconduct in research supported by grant P01AI42288 by falsifying research results reported in a paper published (and soon after retracted) in Nature Medicine. Specifically, in Figure 1(a), the Respondent falsified the Aire +/+ (thymus and liver) flow cytometry plots by substituting Aire +/- (thymus and liver) flow cytometry plots that were altered to disguise their origins and falsified the Aire -/- (bone marrow) flow cytometry plot by substituting the Aire +/- (bone marrow) flow cytometry plot, also altered to disguise its origin. In supplementary Figure 2, the Respondent also falsified flow cytometry plots.

Notice is hereby given that Nagendra S. Ningaraj, PhD, former Associate Professor of Neurological Surgery and Cancer Biology, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine engaged in scientific misconduct by falsifying MALDI-MS images and mass spectral tracings and associated text in Figure 21 reported in grant application U54CA119421 and by falsifying MALDI-MS images in a presentation during the American Association for Cancer Research meeting held on April 16-20, 2005, which cited support from grants R25CA92943 and P50CA098131. Respondent reversed the images for the control and minoxidil-treated brains; reported mass spectral tracings as having been obtained from brain tumors in Gleevec-treated mice that had been pretreated with minoxidil, while in fact they were pretreated with another potassium channel opener, NS1619, and Respondent falsely stated the minoxidil pretreatment caused an 8-fold increase in Gleevec delivery to brain tumors (compared to non-minoxidil pretreated tumors); and juxtaposed the reversed MALDI-MS images (obtained with mioxidil) with the mass spectral tracings (obtained with NS1619) in the same figure and failed to report that the images and spectra were actually obtained in totally different experiments, performed on different dates and with different K\+\ agonist pretreatments.

Notice is hereby given that Norma Couvertier, former Research Assistant II, APT Foundation, engaged in research misconduct in research supported by award R37DA015969 by falsifying and fabricating data that were reported on Participant Urine Monitoring and Breathalyzer Result Forms completed by the Respondent for 32 of the enrolled study participants in the computer Based Training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy research study. A total of 253 alcohol breathalyzer results were recorded for the 32 participants as being 0.000 indicating no alcohol detected, rather than the code 999 used when no breathalyzer test was done. ORI also found that Ms. Couvetier, on 253 occasions, with 32 different study participants, falsified alcohol breathalyzer test results and knowingly and consistently entered a false negative test (indicated by 0.000) rather than identifying the result as a missing data collection (indicated by code 999). ORI acknowledges Ms. Couvetier’s verbal admissions and willingness to cooperate and assist during the APT Foundation’s investigation.



  1. Thanks for sharing this. Anything to keep us focused on the importance of research ethics is greatly appreciated.

  2. Only the first dude “expressed remorse”? What’d the other two fuckers do? Cackle maniacally?

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