New NIH Instructions & Forms Available

The NIH issued a notice summarizing the changes to the application packages for submissions on or after January 25, 2010. Most important is this reminder for those planning electronic submissions (i.e., most of you):

Applicants MUST return to the FUNDING OPPORTUNITY ANNOUNCEMENT (FOA), or the reissued Parent Announcement, to download the new application forms for due dates on or after January 25, 2010.

The sample biosketch in the PHS 398 form list is always convenient to have on hand though. The PHS 398 (paper submission) page includes instructions and forms, while you’ll of course find the instructions only for SF 424 electronic submissions (Adobe Forms B).

Have fun.


  1. Kathy Millen said

    Are you aware of a sample Facilities and Resources page? I thought you had posted a link several weeks ago, but I cannot find it. Thanks

    • writedit said

      No, I’ve only ever seen the sample Biosketch page – never a Resources page. The latter is customized to the investigator(s) and institution(s), of course, and the text is laid out in a straightforward manner (whereas it is helpful to see how the Biosketch should look). On the other hand, some sample descriptions of ESI institutional support would be helpful. I have been suggesting ESI PIs include protected time for research (%), lab space, lab location (i.e., next to their mentor, next to key core resource, etc.), mentors, mentoring/career development resources-activities at the institution, funds for grad student and/or postdoc, funds for supplies (not dollar amounts so much as the availability of $), and so on. If other applications have been submitted from your lab, department, or research group, you can probably use a lot of the language from their Facilities & Resources page …. though it really needs to reflect the scientific environment in which the currently proposed studies will be conducted.

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