NIH OppNet Launched

Yes, OptNet is indeed short for Opportunity Network, which, according to the NIH news release, will be supported in its first year with $10M in ARRA funds. Hmm. Don’t spend it all in one place.

To further explain, this is the Basic Behavioral and Social Science Opportunity Network, which will fund studies of

mechanisms and processes that influence behavior at the individual, group, community and population level. Research results lead to new approaches for reducing risky behaviors and improving the adoption of healthy practices.

… Twenty-four ICs and five programs within the Office of the Director will integrate existing NIH efforts, target research challenges best met collectively and collaborate on new research initiatives in complementary scientific areas. OppNet will also develop a plan for focused multi-year programs across ICs to advance priority topics within b-BSSR [basic behavioral and social sciences research].

… OppNet expects to release these first funding opportunity announcements by December 2009. Starting in Fiscal Year 2011, OppNet will be supported through NIH’s pool of common funds shared among the ICs.

Jeremy Berg (NIGMS) and Richard Hodes (NIA) are driving the bus, with plenty of help from their friends (“a steering committee of IC Directors and with facilitation from the Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research”). Watch the OBSSR Website for updates on OppNet as it unfolds.


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  1. writedit said

    The NIH released an RFI to solicit input on OppNet Priorities.

    Responses will be accepted until February 19, 2010. The website will request that respondents provide some background information and then suggest high priority areas of research with a brief description of the challenge, opportunity and outcome indicators for each priority area identified.

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