Science Works For Us

Literally, considering ARRA research awards are tax-payer funded.

ScienceWorksForUS, which highlights all aspects of stimulus funding for university-based research activities, is brought to you by the Association of American Universities, the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities, and The Science Coalition. You’ll find the expected news feeds about the economic stimulus program generally, ARRA-funded research anecdotes, and research findings stemming from ARRA-funded efforts.

The level of detail at the state level is nicely organized: total dollars and number of awards plus links to individual universities (the Web pages on which they report their ARRA awards and whatnot), a breakdown by funding agency (NIH, NSF, DoE), and more state- and university-specific news releases related to ARRA-funded research. You can run your cursor over the US map to quickly compare who’s getting what out of this initiative and click on individual states for the aforementioned details.

As a reminder, NIAID invites you to contribute your own story of how ARRA funds have helped you, as does the US DHHS, which invites you to submit stories or comments about ARRA funding.


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