Please Entertain Yourselves

while I head out to an undisclosed location for a week or so. Comments and questions left will as likely as not be answered by other thoughtful blog contributors, so ask away and good luck with all your scores and research programs. cheers- writedit



  1. BB said

    Now I’ll be wondering where you are!
    Me, I’m going to the Angeles National Forest on Sunday (oh yeah, and visiting my family in LA while I’m out there).

  2. bikemonkey said

    have a blast dude!

  3. RGP said

    Enjoy and safe travels!


  4. Comeback soon, I’m jonesin for some more Findings of Research Misconduct!

  5. guest said

    south american?

    • writedit said

      Well, I did join in with the open air evening salsa and tango alongside the Seine …

  6. unscored again said

    NIH Challenge grant scores are starting to be posted.

    I’ve got one “not discussed” and have heard of several others. I’ve heard of a friend of a friend who had a score of 22 and 1.5 percentile.

    Anyone else hear anything?

    • RGP said

      Wild — Mine was also “Not Discussed” 😦 but if you average all the scores together, the value came out to be 22.

      • CD0 said

        Another “Not discussed” here. Did they discuss any application?

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