Searching-Browsing ARRA Awards from NIH

In case you were not aware, you can browse NIH ARRA-funded awards by state (notice the nice distribution of push pins) or you can search RePORTER (think enhanced CRISP) using the swanky new query form, which includes a check box to “show only projects supported by NIH Recovery Act funds.” Each list of projects by state (scroll down below map) can be sorted by PI or organization name (click on the appropriate column heading) to find those of most interest.

<I’ll pause a moment while feverish fingers check out the success of rivals.>

Notice upon searching RePORTER that you will be given tabs that list award description (abstract), details (including $ amounts), results (publications), history (renewals, supplements – interesting for long-standing awards especially), and subprojects. I’ll add that the new query portal layout and functionality is a very welcome improvement over the CRISP query page.

You can also view an interactive graph to monitor how much of the ARRA monies have been committed to FOAs.


  1. That reporter thingie is a fucktillion times better than fucking CRISP. w00t!

  2. writedit said

    My sentiments, if not my phraseology, exactly. – writedit

  3. […] h/t: writedit […]

  4. BB said

    Like the search by state function when you click on the map- so cool!

  5. D said

    I especially like the export to Excel function. They you can really have some fun with the data.

    Also the search by Study Section. If you have always wondered what grants a certain Study Section likes….

  6. […] h/t: writedit […]

  7. Also the search by Study Section. If you have always wondered what grants a certain Study Section likes….

    CRISP has this, too.

    • D said

      I never noticed it before. I hated CRISP.

      • BikeMonkey said

        OMG! Searching grants funded by a given section was like reason number 2 for using CRISP! What are you people thinking??????

      • D said

        I blame it on youthful naivety followed by mid-life cynicism and other, more direct but less proper, sources of information.

  8. How is it even possible to love CRISP in the face of clicky maps by state? I know, I know… you can do lots of nifty things with CRISP, but I guess I am getting to the point where a touch of ease of use coupled with the visual nature of the tool makes me happy. 🙂 Thank you for the advice!

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