ARRA Success Stories

Update: Happy ending stories already coming online, such as one PI receiving two R21s and another receiving a P01 … I guess they certainly do have something to cheer about.

As more and more of you become stimulated by ARRA funding, you might consider whether you have a “success story” to share with your funding IC. NIAID has created an ARRA Success Stories Website, and I assume at least some – if not all – other ICs will follow suit. NIAID will eventually have a Web-form through which you can submit your anecdotes, but in the meantime, please send the following information:

  • Grant number, project title, PI name
  • How ARRA funding has helped you (1,000 words or fewer)

Another NIAID page suggests what you might report:

Share your successes, both big and small, with us and your community. For example, your personal stories can illustrate how the funds enabled you to keep your lab intact, hire a promising young scientist, expand your research, or advance science.

Maybe even salvage a tenure application. Good luck to you all in getting your sliver (à la mode, of course) of the stimulus pie!


  1. For some reason, this post reminded me of being a teenager in the early 1980s, going to sweet sixteen parties, and interlocking arms in a circle to sway back and forth and sing along to James Taylor’s “You’ve Got A Friend”.

  2. BB said

    Someone has ARRA money? Where? Or has only NIAID given out bucks? We’ve seen nothing here at ethically challenged U.

  3. D said

    When you’re down and troubled
    And you need a sup-ple-ment
    And nothing, whoa nothing is getting funds
    Close your door and write a grant
    And submit it all online
    To brighten up even your meanest dean.

    You just send in your app,
    And you know where ever it goes
    We’ll be scoring, oh yeah baby
    and triaging you again.
    RFA, spring, summer, or fall,
    All you have to do is scrawl
    And if you’re lucky, yeah, yeah, yeah.
    You’ve got a grant.

  4. D: FTW!

    Someone has ARRA money? Where?

    I’ve already received about $750,000 in ARRA funding.

  5. D said


    “Wanted to let everyone know that the priority scores and percentiles for the Challenge grants (RC1’s) are being posted in IMPAC II and are viewable in QVR (internal use) and the Commons (extramural community).”

    Good luck all.

  6. writedit said

    NIAID ARRA success stories … a PI getting two R21s … another PI getting a P01 … plus a supplement and fellowship.

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