No Recycling RC1s in June!

I’ve said this before, and not that I expected any of you to try to sneak a recycled RC1 as an R01 or R21 in June, but the NIH has released an official stern reminder to the scientific community not to resubmit RC1s until the October cycle.

Special Information for Pending Challenge Grant (RC1) Applications

It is important to note that NIH anticipates a large number of unsuccessful applications after the review of RFA OD-09-003, NIH Challenge Grants in Health and Science Research (RC1). In accordance with the policies described above, the earliest a new application from that unfunded pool could be submitted is during the Cycle III due dates for new applications. In addition the following conditions must be met:

  • The initial peer review process is complete and the review outcome and summary statement are available on eRA Commons. This is expected to occur in August, 2009.
  • The application is submitted as a new application on the appropriate date for new applications and makes no reference to the previous review (does not include an Introduction or identify the changes made). Note that applications that are incorrectly submitted on the dates for resubmission applications will not be allowed to be corrected and will have to wait until January, 2010 to submit as a new application.
    There is an appropriate match of science topic and Institutes/Centers sponsoring the FOA.
  • The new application follows all the requirements for the FOA and activity code; these may be different than those in the original Challenge Grant RFA. There is not a Parent Announcement for the RC1 activity code and thus applications will have to use other appropriate research activity codes – R01, R03, R15, R21, etc.

Any reconfigured RC1 applications submitted that are found to be not in compliance with these policies will be withdrawn without further consideration. In particular, any application submitted for Cycle II due dates before the initial review process is complete will be returned.


  1. They should have contracted out to Comrade PhysioProf to write that notice:

    Listen motherfuckers! Any goddamn application submitted for Cycle II due dates before the motherfucking initial review process is totally fucking complete will be returned right the fuck back to your sorry fucking ass. Capisce?

    Does that come with a complimentary horse head in bed, Comrade? – writedit

    • D said

      I am sure that many SROs wish they could write similar, straightforward, Summary Statements.

  2. whimple said

    These thousands of failed RC1s may force the various Institutes to disallow unsolicited R03s and R21s.

  3. D said

    I just noticed this blurb in the NIAID Newsletter (

    If yours is one of the many applications that does not succeed, you may submit it as a new investigator-initiated application. NIH is now requiring you to have your summary statement first. Your earliest opportunity will likely be the cycle three receipt date…..

    So, if you get a bad “vibe” about your chances of success (and with a likely RC1 success rate around 2%, 98% of folks should have a bad vibe) you can’t even resubmit it as New until your SS is released.


  4. grantriter said

    How soon did RC1 scores become available to applicants after the review was completed? I’m waiting to hear back for an RC2 application which was reviewed on July 31st, so wanted get an idea of the wait time.


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