Latest ARRA Opportunities

Both of today’s RFAs target specialized applicants.

The Academic Research Enhancement Award (R15) seeks to help institutions that are “otherwise unlikely to participate extensively in NIH programs” (i.e., have not received more than $6 million per year in total costs from the NIH in 4 or more of the past 7 years). These 12-p ditties are due Sept 24 (no LOI) and are worth up to $300,000 in total costs over a project period lasting up to 3 years. Each participating IC has a designated contact person. The NIH maintains a nice AREA Resource page to help applicants.

At the other end of the scale, NCRR’s Enabling National Networking of Scientists and Resource Discovery (U24) targets an even more exclusive and elite club: institutions who hold current NCRR Center and Center-like Programs (e.g., CTSA, RTRN, BIRN, BRTC, ABMR, NPRC) as well as the AREA-like center mechanisms (e.g., COBRE, INBRE, RCMI). NCRR will fund 2 awards of $15,000,000 total costs over a 2-year project period. Now, each application must involve a minimum of 6 institutions with one of the eligible NCRR center/center-like awards. Research plan goes for 40 pages and is due June 15; optional though recommended LOI is due May 18 (just the usual info – no mini pre-proposal in the LOI as suggested for RC2s). They’re looking for Web-based tools & infrastructure to make researchers everywhere aware of available resources and to make these resources accessible. NCRR’s preference is for “distributed or federated approaches to both research networking and resource discovery with local control of information sources.” Can’t wait to see how all these egos cram into one proposal and come to consensus on the lead applicant.



  1. Neuro-conservative said

    How about a betting pool on total number of Challenge Grants submitted?

    What ya got? The total will come in much lower than I originally thought. BICO originally estimated 500-800 submissions (Office of Research sent out an inquiry in March to gauge staffing needs), but no more than 350 were actually completed. On the other hand, I’m getting queries from all quarters (outside BICO) still. So, how about 12K. – writedit

  2. Neuro-conservative said

    Put me down for 18K. For everyone I know who dropped out, I know someone else who decided to recycle an old application at the last minute.

  3. D said

    Maybe a little late but my guess is 8000 apps. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if it made it to 5 figures.

  4. MK said

    Does anyone know if the AREA (R15) grants due 9/24 or if you have to submit at the normal submission dates that occur before this date (June 25)?

    It depends on which electronic package you download. If you respond to the ARRA R15 RFA, then you will download that application package, and that application will be due Sept 24. If you download the application package for the parent grant R15 PA, then you will need to submit on a standard receipt date (Feb 25, June 25, Oct 25). I’d recommend responding to the ARRA RFA in September and, if needed, resubmitting on the Feb 25, 2010 receipt date. Good luck – writedit

  5. D said

    It looks like Neuro-conservative wins the number of RC1 apps contest.

    And your Prize is……the privilege of reviewing 20-30 RC1 applications and having your critiques submitted by June 5! Woo Hoo!

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