HHS Webcast on ARRA Funding Plans

Update: Included presentations by the Administration for Children & Families, the Administration on Aging, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA). You can check the main HHS recovery.gov Website for an archive of the Webcast, though it was mainly just a PR talk show format (no PPTs) of how these agencies are spending the stimulus funding.

Separately, I’ll note that I have added a couple of downloadable files to my own ARRA Stimulus Funding Resource Page, including a template with advice I created for investigators here at BICO on preparing the 12-page narrative for the NIH Challenge Grant application.



  1. sahsaj said

    Tremendously informative. I am not at all sure whether I should be a part of this madness or opportunity. I am awaiting funding decision for the May council round on an RO1 as a New I and ESI. I do have a grant written up on a completely different topic than the RO1 that I could reduce to 12 pages, but it does not directly apply to any of the major areas described in the RFA. I can safely say that the project can be done in 2 years though. Any advice? Thanks in advance.

    For basic scientists in particular unable to find clear matches, I’d suggest finding a reasonably closely related topic and contacting the assigned program officer to see if your project fits. The topic number is your ticket into the lottery, and how immediately or directly your work needs to achieve the topic’s stated goals could be open to interpretation. – writedit

  2. iGrrrl said

    The template is very useful.
    Thank you.

    The webcast? Blank screen was not so useful.
    I was able to stream from both sites (main HHS recovery.gov and the captioned video). You didn’t miss anything – mainly a PR session for CMS, ACF, AoA, and HRSA.

    Has anyone been able to find the archive of yesterday’s C06/G20 session?
    Not yet – not at NCRR or at the NIH videocast archive page. Odd.

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